Become A Driving Instructor

Why You Should Become A Driving Instructor

How we work in the Uk is changing, and the option to become a driving instructor is a great way to work with flexibility and work life balance.

As a qualified driving instructor you can work when you want to, have time off when you want to and fit work in around your family and commitments.

Becoming a driving instructor involves joining an existing franchise so you get the support and infrastructure that a national driving school can offer you.

You will need to pass your advanced driving test so you are a qualified instructor, equipped to teach new drivers how to learn to drive and learn the skills that they need to pass their driving test.

We all remember the day that we pass our driving test. It is a rite of passage, the first day of freedom, as long as you forget about the costs involved with buying, insuring and running your first car of course!

New Drivers

As a new driver you will only have 6 points available on your driving licence. This lasts for 24 months from when you pass, after which you become a fully licenced driver with 12 points available for indiscretions.

As a new driver, 6 points can rack up quickly if you aren’t careful. No Insurance = 6 points, 2 minor speeding offences = 6 points, 2 x bald tyres = 6 points. So you can soon have your new licence revoked. This isn’t the same as being banned. If your licence is revoked while you are still considered to be a new driver, then, much like snakes and ladders you slide down the snake, back to the beginning and will need to retake both parts of your driving test again in order to be able to legally drive.

Join one of the leading national driving schools in the UK. Bennetts Driving School train people to become driving instructors across the UK.

As a driving instructor you will teach your students everything that they need to do not only to pass their test but to keep their driving licence once they have it.

Change your life, become a driving instructor and take control of your career.

Hidden Hinge Shutters

Hidden Hinge Shutters

Shutters are proud to announce the introduction of the Samoa range of hidden hinge plantation shutters.

Sleek and stylish like all the shutters in the shutters range, but with the addition of clever, hidden hinges, giving an even cleaner appearance.

impact interiors

These hardwood shutters, are responsibly sourced from sustainable teak plantations in the Solomon Islands & make quite an impact. They come in a choice of 23 different colours and 27 different wood stain options so you can have them exactly as you want them.

Shutters with Impact

Ideal for all around the home, these hidden hinge models offer the perfect solution. Cordfree design makes them perfect for childrens bedrooms as well as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens & all your interiors.

Plantation shutters offer several stylish advantages for controlling not only light, but heat as well as protecting your privacy too. Cooling in summer, warming in winter, and peace of mind all year round.

Hidden Hinges

The Samoa range has a slightly thicker frame to accommodate the hidden hinges, but the end result, clean, flat lines and a smooth finish gives them quite an impact fitted.

See for yourself & book an appointment to view in their showroom or to book a home visit so you can see all their samples in your own home.

Survey, measure, design & manufacture your bespoke shutters and blinds so they are made to measure for your home. If you are looking for the best you can buy get in touch…

Google Quality Signals

What Google Can Teach Us About Excellence

The only guaranteed way to rank first in Google is to offer what they want, which is excellent quality, valued and trusted content.

Google SERPs require the very best quality written content you can deliver. Your readers need to care about what you create.

Penalties are rapidly imposed on all websites identified to be using ‘spam’ optimisation processes.

However, if you are ready to up your game, and to incorporate Googles ever demanding requirements, you can still have a major impact on Continue reading Google Quality Signals

Roof Construction on Modern Houses

Roof Construction on Modern Houses

With the changes and consolidations of building companies in the last decades, house building is more and more being undertaken by fewer very large house building companies.

These companies are the ones which contract in the modern way, to build perhaps 20 to 200 houses at a time.

Apart from individualising the exteriors, the houses are often constructed very very similarly to one another. The most important Continue reading Roof Construction on Modern Houses

Do Speed Cameras Really Save Lives?

Do Speed Cameras Really Save Lives?

Speed cameras, yellow-topped saviours, silent, grey-poled sentinels on the roadside guarding us from the deadly excesses of wild speed, preserving our fragile motoring mortality.

Speed cameras, easy milking of the motorist cash-cow, bane of the professional driver, big-brother eye looking down at the hapless, frustrated, driver, a twenty-four hour intimidating Continue reading Do Speed Cameras Really Save Lives?

Team Building For Beginners

Team Building

In today’s modern working environment, be it corporate business or institutions, public or private sector, the expectations are for ever higher levels of service, value and effectiveness.

The demands on management for performance under pressure can, with the weight of other responsibilities become debilitating, and trickle down amongst staff, perhaps leading to loss of motivation and job intolerance.

Professionally run team building events can provide more than Continue reading Team Building For Beginners

Internet Security and Personal Banking

Internet Security and Personal Banking

In the wide and wonderful world of the internet, security is becoming more and more important as more and more of our personal and sensitive information is transmitted on line.

There are many anti-virus computer programmes available, but the application of common sense in recognising potential threats is a good place to start.

Online banking is an obvious opportunity for fraudsters and thieves to Continue reading Internet Security and Personal Banking